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large fashion To restore silence is the role of objects. rimi sen
ON THE SUBJECT OF NAVELS, TWO CASE STUDIES BASED ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND OBSERVATION A life threatening illness caused by two unlikely birth defects working in tandem resulted in a fourteen inch incision being cut from a point directly beneath the bottom of the sternum to three inches below my navel. It took twenty-one staples to close the hole. The incision more or less was a meandering center line that jogged around my navel. Between the staples and the healing process, my navel was deformed and reduced in size. Ultimately it was indistinguishable from the rest of the jagged scar. A year later a rather large hernia instantaneously appeared to the proper left of center under my rib cage. It happened while I was lifting the crate onto a dolly to move a rather large painting by Tom Chimes that was owned by the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida. No one else was in the vicinity to help me so I did it by myself. As I lifted it I felt something pop in my abdomen and noticed a large bulge under my shirt. The lump was the height and width of my fist and it protruded one and a quarter inches from my body. I was wearing a pair of baggy black drawstring pants. As I strained to lift the crate, the hernia popped out and at the same time the drawstring on my pants broke and my pants began to fall down. I quickly placed the crate on the dolly in time to catch my pants from falling down. The incident took place in the Great Hall of the museum during visiting hours. It is a very public space and their were several visitors in the Great Hall as my pants began ! their descent. I saved myself a great deal of embarrassment by catching my pants in time. It took a month to schedule the surgery. During this time the lump was so substantial it was not possible to wear tee shirts without the hernia being blatantly noticeable. It was necessary to wear a tee shirt, a button up shirt and a sweater to hide the large bulge. The surgeon that performed my original surgery the previous year thought that the hernia could be dealt with using two or three small incisions. I was given a CAT scan a couple of days before my scheduled surgery. It was the day of the surgery and I was laying on a gurney awaiting the anesthetic to take effect. The surgeon approached me and let me know that he had looked at the CAT scan for the first time minutes before talking to me. The CAT scan revealed that there was a series of hernias in a waffle pattern the entire length of the earlier incision to correct Meckel's Diverticulum, therefore causing him to change his initial diagnosis. He told me that he could still perform the original surgery by using small incisions, therefore greatly reducing recovery time significantly compared to the other alternative, a more extensive surgery. But laparoscopic surgery would not totally eliminate the large bulge and would not deal at all with the waffle pattern of hernias along my ! previous incision. The more radical surgery required repairing the large hernia, cutting out the entire fourteen inch scar from the previous year and putting in a Kevlar mesh (known as Kugel mesh) to prevent additional hernias along the incision scar. The recovery time for the more radical approach was considerably longer than the laparoscopic surgery and would require another two dozen staples to close the incision. The recovery time for the original operation took months and the radical surgery would as well. Because my abdominal muscles were cut completely during the first surgery, I was still unable to sit from a prone position without rolling out of bed. This continues to this day. The whole time that the surgeon was telling me about the two alternatives, I was laying on a gurney and had been administered anesthesia. The warm glow of opiates had begun to take effect and I had to fight against the drug to make a decision about which surgery I would have performed. The surgeon clearly leaned toward the simpler solution, in part because of his schedule had been built around the surgery being brief. I told him that it was not possible to expect me to walk around with a large lump under my shirt and ignore the multiple hernias along my earlier incision. He was clearly unhappy with my choice but strictly from the amount of time he wanted to spend on the surgery and the disruption to his personal schedule. I didn't care about his schedule any more than he cared about me walking around with a lump under my shirt forever. I opted for the longer surgery and recovery time, which meant months of recovery but the entire problem being addressed. I let the surgeon kn! ow that the situation with my deformed and shrunken navel bothered me and I asked if a cosmetic navel be sculpted into my belly. He responded that it could be done. As the healing process was taking place, it became apparent that the new cosmetic navel was much smaller and in no way resembled my own navel or necessarily even a human navel. It is quite off-center, since the scar from the first operation was down the middle of my abdomen at the new reconstructed navel could not be centered because of the position of the scar tissue. The new navel is no improvement over the original deformed one and is in fact worse due to it being off-center. To this day I find it difficult to even look at my deformed, undersized and off-center navel. In addition to suffering through two surgeries where one would have sufficed had the surgeon had the foresight to install the Kevlar Kugel Mesh to insure against future hernias and an additional several months of recovery time, I discovered on my own that the Kugel mesh used in the second operation has been recalled. The Kugel mesh that was manufactured in one of three sites owned by the corporation that makes the mesh was found to produce an unusually large number of defective products, some that did not open properly during their installation and some that became defective after years of functioning that sometimes caused perforated bowels. Because I am unemployed and have no health insurance, I am not able to get a physician or the hospital that installed the mesh to investigate if the mesh inside of me is from the faulty manufacturer, since it could possibly result in litigation. The hospital, the surgeon and the manufacturer all have motive to do nothing since resolving ! the issue could result in bad publicity and possible litigation. On a positive note, I fantasize that the insertion of this product has rendered my belly bulletproof. This could have some obvious advantages, particularly for the resident of a violent urban environment such as Philadelphia. The second case on the subject of navels predates the first by approximately seventeen years. As a younger man I was more prone to visiting strip clubs than I am now. In fact I very rarely enter one unless a situation dictates it that rarely would involve strippers or strip clubs themselves. It just isn't my scene or sensibility. On one specific occasion in the early Eighties, I accompanied two of my friends to a strip club on what was then known Delaware Avenue. The street is now called Columbus Boulevard, obviously because the Italians in South Philadelphia have a much stronger lobby than an aboriginal tribe that was eliminated centuries ago by genocide. I had been drinking in Maggie's Bar in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia when I ran into Roy Goodman and Szak Marks. Roy, a Philadelphia native, although involved peripherally in the arts (although not an artist to my knowledge) was involved in real estate in some fashion. Szak on the other hand was from ! the Netherlands and (is?) was a talented Minimalist sculptor and a furniture maker. He made reproduction furniture based on the designs Gerrit Rietveldt made for a line of furniture built from scraps of pre-existing packing crates. Rietveldt was a Dutch architect and designer active in the early Twentieth Century. I was much closer to Szak, who was a very bright and funny guy. He was married to a gorgeous and voluptuous Dutch woman named Cynthia. I simply never got to know Roy as well as Szak and I never knew a great deal about his personal life. Had he been married to a woman as beautiful as Cynthia I would have remembered it. Roy and Szak were heading for the Pennsport Tavern in the section of South Philadelphia known as Pennsport. They asked me to go along with them for a few beers, which during that time period always sounded like a good idea. The Pennsport Tavern is (still) a working-class strip club and is comfortably downscale.It had and still has odd hours. Despite being a strip club, for some reason it closes at 7:00pm rather than the usual closing time of 2:00am for bars. Another oddity specific to the Pennsport was that it was one of the few if not the only strip club in the city that served alcohol and featured completely nude dancers. We settled in for a late afternoon of drinking. The fourth or fifth dancer of the afternoon appeared and turned out to be as quirky and unique as the establishment itself. Her distinguishing characteristic was that she had no navel at all. Her stomach was as smooth as a hard-boiled egg. There was no scar where a navel once was and it certainly was not hid! den in some odd place other than the usual one. I am quite certain that it was no where else on her body, as I mentioned before the women danced totally nude. Since they danced on the same bar that the beers were served on, the women were extremely close to the patrons and no part of their anatomy was left to the imagination, even if sometimes you wished that there was, depending on the dancer. The absence of a navel on an otherwise anatomically correct female is an extremely bizarre looking development. Although it is a very small detail, it became monumental in its absence. It was completely disorienting. I remember the dancer was evasive concerning the reason she had no navel and that she was not intelligent enough to be effectively devious, even for someone working in a very manipulative trade. I am happy that I had two witnesses to this event. I understand that Szak has returned to Philadelphia after some years back in the Netherlands. I would be curious about his memo! ries of this afternoon and if I am forgetting something from t! hat day. I will say that it as difficult to resolve the absence of a navel in a human being and that it is so bizarre that it is distracting, even in a naked woman.


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