Thursday, April 28, 2011

maternity & baby photos gallery Eye-Fi Share 2 GB Wi-Fi SD Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-2GB (OLD VERSION)

photos gallery Eye-Fi Share 2 GB Wi-Fi SD Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-2GB (OLD VERSION)

The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless memory card for your digital camera that uses your home Wi-Fi network to effortlessly upload pictures from your camera to a PC or Mac and to your favorite photo or social networking website. And, it fits and stores photos just like a standard SD card. Features: 1. Uploads photos automatically from Eye-Fi Card inside your camera. Built-in Wi-Fi connects to your home network. 2. Provides free and unlimited photo uploads to your computer and your favorite photo or social networking website. Photo transmission is secure and private. 3. Supports sharing and printing websites, including Fotki, Shutterfly, dotPhoto, webshots, phanfare, Picasa Web albums, flickr, TypePad, Wal-Mart, snapfish, VOX, smugmug, facebook, photobucket, Kodak Gallery, and Sharpcast. 4. Handles full-resolution jpeg images and intelligently re-sizes photos if limited by your chosen photo or social networking website. 5. Features Eye-Fi Manager for easy set-up of wireless network and photo upload preferences. 6. Fits digital cameras that use SD memory cards. 7. Offers 2 GB of memory to store photos on the card. 8. Includes USB memory card reader to make set-up easy. Requirements & compatibility: 1. Eye-Fi Card requires Internet connection to set-up and Wi-Fi network for wireless uploads 2. Eye-Fi Card works with virtually all digital cameras accepting SD memory cards 3. Eye-Fi Card works with 802.11g, 802.11b and backwards-compatible 802.11n wireless networks 4. Eye-Fi software works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X (10.3 and 10.4) 5. Eye-Fi software works with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (Windows only), Firefox 2.0 (Windows and Macintosh)Manufacturer Product Description A Wireless Memory Card? Yes, there really is Wi-Fi inside that tiny little card. It\'s going to change the way you take, save and share photos. It makes your camera a Wi-Fi camera. Upload and share your photos automatically. Photos shouldn\'t be trapped in your camera. Set them free effortlessly and wirelessly. The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless SD memory card for your digital camera. It stores pictures like a standard SD memory card, but also uses your home Wi-Fi network to automatically upload images from inside your camera to your PC or Mac and to your favorite photo or social networking website for sharing or printing. No cables, no cradles, no fuss. Key Features Unlimited WebShare ervice Wireless Uploads to Computer 2 GB of storage How it works   WebShare With WebShare, your photos can be automatically uploaded to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking website. No wasted time sitting in front of your computer. No fussing with upload software. No delay in sharing your new memories with friends and family. Choose from among more than 20 of the most popular websites and some up-and-comers too. You can upload images privately and control if and when they are viewable by others. Many sites even let you edit your photo albums online. And, you can change your preferred upload site at any time. You can even upload to the Web when your computer is turned off. The Eye-Fi Share and The Eye-Fi Explore will upload your photos directly to the Eye-Fi Service through your home Wi-Fi network. We\'ll deliver them to your photo site and then deliver them to your computer the next time you turn it on. The Eye-Fi Service is secure and encrypted, so your data and photos are safe and private. Eye-Fi Share and Eye-Fi Explore include unlimited WebShare service. Upload and share all you want.


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