Friday, March 11, 2011

bikini yellow James Hong Low-Voltage CMOS VLSI Circuits

James Hong Low-Voltage CMOS VLSI Circuits

A comprehensive guide to cutting-edge low-voltage CMOS VLSI circuit techniquesDespite the inevitable trend toward low-voltage VLSI circuits, few books address the technology, and none at as comprehensive a level as this one. Geared to the needs of engineers and designers in the field, this unique volume presents a remarkably detailed analysis of one of the hottest and most compelling research topics in micro- electronics todayĆ¢€"namely, low-voltage CMOS VLSI circuit techniques for VLSI systems. It features complete guidelines to diversified low-voltage and low-power circuit techniques, emphasizing the role of submicron and CMOS processing technology and device modeling in the circuit designs of low-voltage CMOS VLSI. Indispensable topics and study aids include:431 ready-to-use circuit diagrams and related figures of CMOS static and dynamic logic circuitsVolatile and nonvolatile VLSI memory circuits, including the newly introduced ferroelectric RAM (FRAM)Low-voltage CMOS VLSI systems, along with components, CPUs, FPUs, and DSPsMicroprocessor systems using low-voltage SOI and BiCMOS technologies293 valuable references from the latest research papersEnd-of-chapter problems (a solutions manual is also available)


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